Working Groups

Working groups are autonomous groups within IE DSA that are organized around issues of identity or particular political interests. Working groups help IE DSA members mobilize around particular issues within the organization. Get involved by connecting with us at

Political Education

The Political Education working group is designed around the need for DSA to develop a working understanding of socialism in theory as well as practice, and to provide education for members on political topics that are free and accessible to all regardless of formal educational background. Book clubs, one-off reading groups on a particular topic, longer multi-part modules on broader topics, and even movie nights meet the aims of this particular working group.


As Socialists, we believe that housing is a human right. Tenants subject to unfair rental practices and the criminalization of the unhoused are parts of the same struggle, and decommodifying housing is essential in the fight against capitalism.


The IE DSA Labor working group recognizes the interconnectedness of class struggles with all struggles for oppressed peoples as well as the primacy of worker organizing in our fight for democratic socialism. We seek to promote a strong, militant, rank and file labor movement that can stand up to the vicious capitalist class. To achieve our goals, we will foster class consciousness and worker organizing within the democratic socialist movement and coordinate efforts between democratic socialists and organized labor groups such as unions and worker centers. Participation is open to all workers regardless of union affiliation.

Medicare for All

At IE DSA we share the belief that comprehensive healthcare is a human right, not a luxury or a commodity. We fight for Medicare For ALL:

  1. A single, public program instead of private insurance companies.
  2. Comprehensive coverage including vision, dental, and mental health.  
  3. Free at the point of service, no copays, no deductibles.  
  4. Universal, regardless of income or citizenship status.  
  5. A just transition for workers